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Technical Support

Fort Metal Plastic Products(Huizhou) Co.,Ltd.

Thank you very much for your consistent support of our products and services, and welcome to our after-sales service page.


Our excellent product quality, excellent service system and high-quality staff have always been the leader in this industry. Our company always attaches great importance to the after-sales support service of users. We have a large and experienced maintenance and application support team to solve all aspects of your problems in a timely manner and maximize your problem processing efficiency. Not only can we promise to provide high quality services, but we can systematically ensure that this service is stable and continuously improved.


Since the customer purchases the product, if there is any dissatisfaction within 10 days, he can get a refund and receive a 100% full refund.


Letter When customers use our products, any quality problems will occur, and our company will accept them seriously to ensure the customers' final satisfaction. And as long as the customer is willing, our company will implement on-site after-sales service.


Fast Our company will implement after-sales service for customers in the city within 24 hours after receiving customer service requirements, and implement after-sales service for customers outside the city within 72 hours.


Service area:

1. Our products are available for sale within 10 days from the date of sale (based on the time of sales of the documents). If there is any problem of improper use, you can choose to replace and return.

2. Our company provides lifetime maintenance. After purchasing the warranty period of more than three years (based on the time of sales of the bill), if there is any impediment to use, you can report the repair to the local store or to the after-sales service department of the company. Only a certain cost is charged.


Non-warranty scope:

Failure or damage in the following cases is not covered by the warranty. Please choose a paid repair service.

1. The specialty store handles special treatments, and some products have certain quality defects.

2. The channel products share the products sold or the accessories (active products) of the products that are not our products are provided by the manufacturer of the products.

3. Can not provide our company "Product Certificate", "Sales Bill", "Warranty Card"

4. The product category, model number and sales date stated in "Product Certificate", "Sales Bill" and "Warranty Card" do not match the actual product.

5. Damage caused by improper use.

6. Damage caused by force majeure such as natural disasters (such as earthquakes, floods, fires).