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Advantages and disadvantages of walkers, crutches and canes and their application scenarios


For patients with lower extremity dysfunction, acute injury and postoperative patients, appropriate AIDS should be used during acute

symptoms and rehabilitation to relieve acute symptoms, prevent re-injury and promote healing.

In general, the tools used to implement lower limb assistance mainly include walker, crutch and cane.


Advantages and disadvantages of walker and application scenarios

The walker, also known as the walker, is a frame type, four points on the ground, excellent stability of the walking tool. The appearance

of the walker is similar to that of a stool, with four "bench" legs on the ground that are adjustable in height and can be adjusted to take

the form of a roller. (Roller walkers are less stable, but more flexible to use.)

The walker is very suitable for waist, hip, knee, ankle and other joint dysfunction, which can be used as a crutch to assist walking, and

can be used as a stool when tired. It is a safe, secure and comfortable rehabilitation appliance.

The advantage of a walker is that it is safe and reliable and can be used for rest. The disadvantage is that it needs both hands to use,

and it is more laborious to move the walker in the process of walking. In addition, its support point is forward, and the center of gravity

of the body needs to move forward, which may bring more pressure on the waist and back. It is not suitable for fast moving occasions,

and it is difficult to pass the stairs and threshold.