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What are the advantages of a two-wheeled walker? Fortey Hardware to tell you


If you have trouble keeping your balance or fall easily, both types of walkers can provide enough stability. So, what are the advantages of a

two-wheeled walker? Where can I buy one? Walking aid is to make the elderly patients with inconvenient legs and feet and other people with

inflexible legs and feet or even losing the ability to walk by the support of instruments can take care of themselves and go out for a walk as

normal people. The two-wheel walking aid is suitable for patients with leg and foot mobility inconvenience or the elderly with mobility

inconvenience, rehabilitation exercise. The front has two wheels for pushing, and the back two feet can adjust the height and have rubber

anti-slip. If you need a walker to support your weight while walking, a two-wheeled walker is good. Support legs without wheels prevent the

walker from slipping away from you. The two-wheeled walker can also be folded up to fit in your car. In addition, it also has the following

advantages: the role of the walking frame of the two-wheel walker is to maintain the body balance in the standing position, support the weight,

train walking and enhance muscle strength. At the same time, the walking frame supports a large, stable and safe area, so it is suitable for

patients with serious functional injuries of lower limbs to stand and walk. Moreover, the two-wheel walking frame is easier to operate than the

wheelless walking frame. It can be pushed by the user and continuously move forward. The front wheel is fixed, and the wheel only rolls forward

or backward, with good direction.