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The design is more and more intimate and the function is more and more refined


  Wheeled walkers, crutches with balance pads, hearing AIDS with chip processors... The reporter discovers when visiting store of old things of provincial capital,

small originality, multifunction went to the convenience of old people's life and travel.



Design is becoming more intimate


  "As my parents are getting older, they always want to buy a walking scooter when they go shopping for the convenience of the elderly." On October 13, Ms. Wang

of the public came to be located in the twin towers temple street specialized sales of old things store, prepare parents to buy an old help driving. Wang found that

there are electric and manual scooters, with prices ranging from 500 yuan to 4,000 yuan. Inn home introduces to Miss Wang, the wheel type that the old people

uses helps driving to want to be decided according to use habit and demand, below many car table now installed shopping basket, the old person is put in shopping

basket directly after buying goods, remove the trouble that hand weigh in hand. Finally, Ms. Wang spent 3000 yuan to buy a special help for the elderly, the car

performance is excellent, speed, endurance is ideal.


  During the interview, a woman brought an old man into the store. She wanted to get a hearing aid for her father, and asked about it carefully at the hearing aid

counter. "It's difficult for dad to communicate as he gets older. You talk east and he talks west. Ask him hello, and he looks around." At the scene, the shop guide

introduced to her the situation of senile hearing loss, which needs to be diagnosed and intervened in advance, and hearing AIDS should be worn when the effect

is not good. Today's chip-based hearing AIDS process sound more finely, allowing them to communicate better with multiple people. Subsequently, the old man

after diagnosis, the purchase of cost-effective chip hearing AIDS.



More and more refined functions


  All kinds of medical devices focus on innovation fields such as consumption upgrading, providing more diversified, more cutting-edge and more intimate products

for the elderly.


  In shuangta Temple street, the stores selling products for the aged are mainly medical instruments, including bedsore pads, crutches, medicine cutters, beds for

the aged and so on. Ms. Li, who lives in Zhangjiaxiang, is buying a mattress against bedsores in a medical appliance store. She wants to buy a mattress for an old

man paralyzed in bed. Lying on a functional bed with bedsore MATS, Ms. Li followed the steps to let her feel the effects. The staff controls the computer, and the

bedsore pad inflates from odd to even numbers, gradually moving into an auxiliary massage function to help the back move. After the end of the experience, Ms. Li

felt a certain effect, decided to buy a few sets of bedsore mat.


  Guo Yanwen, president of Ankang Nursing Home in Yingze District of Taiyuan city, said that the current products used by the elderly are novel in style, but their

durability is slightly poor. In the core process of design, enterprises should highlight the sense of experience and pay more attention to the durable effect.