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Raise closestool implement to have to distinguish these kinds!


1. Toilet heighter


A toilet booster is a device that is placed on a toilet bucket to increase the height of a sitting position. Because we usually use the toilet,

generally only about 40 centimeters, with the knee position of the elderly about the same, if the elderly knee and thigh is not hard, it is

very difficult to sit down, especially a little taller old people, but also laborious.


2. Use of toilet heighter

Install closestool to add tall implement, can raise closestool seat height again 4 centimeters left and right sides, and base can be fixed with

pottery and porcelain closestool firm, not easy shake, can let old people sit down so save trouble many. Additional, a pair of armrest is

connected on closestool add tall implement, armrest height prep above former closestool height 7 centimeters.If the elderly knee force or sit

too long, can also help the elderly support a little strength to stand up.

The toilet booster is easy to install and is made of special plastic for easy cleaning and cooling. The use of toilet heightening device, and with

the use of armrest, can make the elderly easy from the toilet up. Especially for patients after hip replacement, in order to avoid hip flexion

exceeding 90 degrees when sitting on the toilet, a toilet booster should be used.


3. Collapsible handrails

When setting closestool, cooperate to install a collapsible armrest in one side of closestool. This kind can fold armrest to use circular arc

appearance, when need not at ordinary times, can stick a wall to fold, won't hinder daily activity. The most important thing is to hold the elderly

when they stand up or when they push the toilet button to prevent instability and slipping. If the old man holds a walking stick in his hand,

he can easily put it upright so that he can use it at the beginning of the walk.