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More than 40 million elderly people fall down every year, and the transformation of these places for aging is the key


According to statistics, by the end of 2021, the population aged 60 and above in China had exceeded 250 million. Falls have become the

leading cause of death from injuries among people over 65 in China, according to the China Disease Surveillance System. It is estimated

that more than 40 million elderly people in China fall down at least once every year, and about half of them happen at home.


Suitable for aging transformation should be made efforts in the following aspects:


1. The height of indoor handrails should be moderate


When the elderly go to the toilet, due to the inconvenience of legs and feet, sitting down and standing up have certain difficulties. In order

to help the elderly more labor-saving to complete the sitting action, we can set the L-type safety armrest in the side wall of the toilet, the

horizontal part of the L-type armrest should be higher than the sitting face of the toilet 150-200mm, the vertical part should be apart from

the front of the toilet 200-250mm.


Armrest still can undertake a few humanization design from detail place, bring better use experience to old person.


For example, the handrail grasping rod is thinner and more convenient for the elderly to grasp, and the local anti-slip treatment can make

the elderly's grip more stable.


The horizontal part becomes a platelike table, which is suitable for the elderly with inconvenient hands to use their wrists or forearms to

support their bodies.


When both sides of the toilet are set in the air, you can choose to use the toilet booster frame to provide hands support for the elderly.

Combined with the toilet heightening device, can shorten the distance of the elderly, let the elderly get up more effective.


Suggest old people family chooses to take out pull type faucet, pull out faucet when using, very convenient.


2 ground ceramic tile should prevent slip


Toilet chooses ceramic tile, must prevent slippery, dumb smooth brick is best. The separation of dry and wet areas is not necessarily a wall,

glass sliding door simple separation can also be water bar and shower curtain may trip people, if the parents are older, such dry and wet

separation measures are not recommended.


If the bathroom is too small to do a dry/wet separation, try to place MATS in areas that are likely to get wet. Install handrails on the wall next

to the toilet, shower or bathtub to make it easier for parents to use. The old person takes a bath inconvenient, physical strength cannot stand,

can install a hanging chair that can close put on the wall, when taking a bath tired, can sit down.


For the elderly, the safest way to go to the toilet is definitely to sit, but for some habits of squatting, a stool can balance the elderly's safety and

habits at the same time.


3 bedroom can not bend without bending


If mom and dad have a bad back, these are better than plasters. The socket in my parents' room can be adjusted to the height of my parents

without bending over. Wardrobe can also be customized according to the height of parents appropriate hanging rod height, commonly used

clothes are placed in standing height can be taken.


Safe lighting is very important at night


It is normal and common for older people to get up at night. A bedside lamp is a must. Install a dual switch in the bedroom door and beside

the bed. Not to mention convenient for mom and dad, the whole family will love this little setup.


Don't change the living environment of the old easily


Some children in order to give their parents a better living environment, buy a new house for their parents to live, but did not expect the elderly

particularly insist, say what also do not want to move, because the old community has their familiar environment, warm and friendly old

neighbors, their own life circle. For the elderly, a familiar environment is safe, and it is difficult for them to move to a completely unfamiliar

environment and change habits that have been formed for decades. Sons and daughters may have offered to decorate their parents' house,

but they always refused, saying that the house is good and can live on the line; In fact, they are worried about the decoration of money, 2 is

afraid of decoration too cumbersome, will give the child trouble!