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How should old person armrest wear choose a bit more appropriate?


According to statistics, as the growth of the age, the person's various body functions began to decline gradually, muscle gradually atrophy is

reduced, bone can also appear loose and soft and elastic toughness to reduce the situation. If you do not maintain the habit of long-term

exercise, the function of the motor system will be significantly reduced, this time the body will appear weak legs and fatigue symptoms.


After the elderly go to the toilet, it is often easy to make no effort, can not get up, and even because of the sudden body force in the process

of getting up and fall to the ground, dangerous.


As the saying goes, there is an old family, such as a treasure. Our parents have worked hard to bring us up. We should make our parents enjoy

their old age happily and healthily. So how can we avoid this? Don't worry, xiaobian to give you tips! Carefully recommend a toilet armrest

frame for you.


Old people stay at home most of the time. For them, the most important thing in interior decoration is not luxury and beauty, but safety,

convenience and comfort. Therefore, the interior layout and decoration design of the residence is very important. If ordinary houses are not

designed to take into account the special needs of the elderly, it may cause unexpected difficulties in their daily life. Right now, it is necessary

to undertake targeted transformation and design to the residence, toilet armrest is installed in toilet for instance, in order to ensure the safety

of old people in the home.


Every family needs to install toilet handrails according to the situation. In addition, the choice of toilet armrest also has certain attention, such as

closestool, bath crock, shower, should set level and "L" shape armrest, the end of armrest should be designed into curved shape, in order to

prevent hook sleeve, and have the function of indicating the end of armrest, prevent the elderly from falling down and preventing slip. So,

what are the benefits of setting up safety handrails for the elderly in different locations?


Above all, sit implement handrail with appropriate installation beside toilet closestool. After going to the toilet generally, the old person may sit

too long, the legs are numb and dizzy. At this point, when he suddenly stands up, there is a danger of falling. If the handrail is installed next to

the toilet, the elderly can easily stand up and avoid falling.


Next, the appropriate position beside shower also can install shower armrest, in the process of taking a bath, convenient grasp, ensure safety.

In addition, there is also the option to install a bath chair, this chair is usually folded on the wall, when using can be pulled down to take a bath,

very practical.


The 3rd, the continuous barrier-free armrest should be installed on the wall of the corridor that leads to toilet and walkway in the home.

Handrails in the aisles save energy for older people who spend most of their time at home and find it increasingly difficult to walk. Some older

people swing from side to side, and if you have a safe aisle handrail, walking can effectively avoid the risk of falling.


We cannot think install toilet safety armrest to be able to relax vigilance, still should take seriously and take care of old person as family member

more, know more and safeguard the safety in old person's home, and prevent old person to produce accident.