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Take stock of these practical relics to help the elderly, improve the quality of life of the elderly, more dignity


Feeding the old man, carrying the old man to the toilet, carrying the old man to take a bath......


It is common to believe that many families have disabled or semi-disabled elderly people. Over time, both the old man and his carers became



As the elderly grow older, their physical functions gradually deteriorate and they may be unable to perform simple daily tasks. With the progress

of social science and technology, all kinds of intelligent AIDS are good news for the disabled or the elderly.


Proper use of AIDS can not only maintain the quality of life and dignity of the elderly, but also reduce the burden on the caregivers.


There is an old as there is a treasure, in order to let our "old baby" people happy and dignified to spend their old age, let's have a look at these

practical auxiliary products!


Toilet and bath accessories


Some old people are in semi-incapacitated state, go to the toilet is very difficult thing, then can choose to move sit stool.


One chair is multi-purpose, push in the bed to be able to descend the bed namely if toilet, can carry can take out the toilet bucket design,

convenient save worry, toilet bucket contains groove cover, need not worry about having peculiar smell to happen, can push into the bathroom

to wash bath, can be used when height implement form a complete set closestool, prevent fall down design.


Bath chair


The elderly take a bath must sit bath, standing for a long time to take a bath is easy to faint, coupled with the bathroom is easy to slip,

dangerous risk becomes higher.


Therefore, the bath chair is indispensable, generally u-shaped opening design, convenient to clean the lower body; Suction cup foot pad is

standard,anti-slip effect is particularly good, avoid the elderly side slip, safer. Bathing with a bathing chair can not only keep the elderly stable,

but also reduce the stress of caregivers.