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The old man with inconvenient legs, implement chair is the Gospel of the old


Amphibious type simple sit chair homely appearance and not only beautiful and easy, it is a high-grade toilet chair, can also be used as a high-grade

chairs, preferred toilet chair back home outfit foam material, adding sponge inside the back of a chair leather at the same time, the greatest degree of

improve the toilet chair backrest comfort, back of a chair in strengthening steel plate blank holder design, thus guarantee the chairs use for a long time,

It prevents the problems such as ring pull or deformation caused by using only three nails and fixing methods for inferior products.


The sponge type

Leather and sponge lining type, leather sitting plate with sponge, using high frequency closed pressing technology, bearing structure under the sitting plate

to have 4 steel pipes, directly welded to strengthen the structure. The design is more solid, heavy and powerful. The materials used in manufacturing are

mainly steel pipe, plastic, rubber, steel pipe is used to make its overall support skeleton, the back two are mainly used in the hole, then groove, barrel

cover and handrail.



The main body of sofa chair is steel, the surface is spraying treatment, using high-quality leather and sponge lining, so that the user is more comfortable,

using anti-skid rubber pad, material is steel main tube (surface spraying treatment), back tube is equipped with foam pillow, ABS material seat plate, the

height of seat plate is 40cm; The width of the seat plate is 45cm


Cover plate

Cover plate stool chair, the back of the cushion is equipped with ABS cover plate, using steel main tube (surface spraying treatment), back tube is

equipped with foam pillow, ABS material seat plate; Use pull type sponge soft seat stool cushion, seat toilet can be removed, driving can be folded,

with backrest cushion; Height of the seat plate is 41cm; The width of the seat plate is 46cm.


Sit lavatory chair, can solve the problem that the old people goes to toilet, want to sit lavatory chair to be put in the bedroom of the old people only before

sleeping perhaps bedside, rise in the night ok and convenient, and some sit lavatory chair can fold, can close at any time, won't occupy a place very much